Neighbors Discuss Health and Physical Impacts of I-81 Reconstruction with Jennifer Sanders of NewsChannel 9

Interstate 81 is surrounded by homes and housing complexes that will be affected by the possible construction of the community grid. According to the DOT’s 15,000 page report, the DOT says that zero dwelling units, four commercial properties and 35 employees will be displaced from environmental justice communities.

Watch as Neighbors discuss health and physical impacts of I-81 reconstruction with Jennifer Sanders of NewsChannel 9

According to the report there will be no displacement from “Environmental Justice Communities”

NYS DOT has stated in the recently released DEIS, that there will be no destruction of residential properties. The New York Civil Liberties Union, Central New York Chapter; are among those who have taken an active role in providing analysis and a voice for those impacted by the most aggressive construction initiative not since the destruction of the 15th and 9th Wards, and the construction on Interstate 81.

Ms. Sanders has her finger on the pulse of the community, as she’s speaking with those who live in the shadow of the viaduct…they tell their story.