New Ad: NY-24 Voters See Themselves in Dana Balter’s Story

Syracuse, NY – Today, Dana Balter for Congress launched a new TV ad, her fifth of the general election. In the ad, local voters share Dana’s life story, and highlight the personal experiences that they have in common with her — like working their way through college as a waitress and bartender and almost going bankrupt because of healthcare costs. Balter promises voters that if elected, she’ll work with them to make sure Washington works for everyone, not just powerful special interests.

Balter’s new ad will run in conjunction with the ad her campaign launched last week that highlighted how John Katko’s votes with Donald Trump have hurt seniors, and another recent ad that highlights her commitment to fighting for an economic recovery that lifts up working families and makes healthcare more affordable.



Dana Balter gets it. 

Dana worked her way through college as a waitress and bartender, like me.

And she almost went bankrupt from health care bills, like our family almost did.

Dana became a special ed teacher, then Director of Education at a non-profit.

And as a professor at Syracuse, Dana taught us how government can work if you bring people together.

I’m Dana Balter, and right now, Washington’s only working for powerful special interests.  I approve this message because together, we can change that.

Dana Balter gets it.

Dana Balter maintains a strong position in the race. The latest polling in the race shows Balter leading Katko 48% to 45% and last month, the Washington Post listed NY-24 as one of the top 10 races most likely to flip in November. Last week, President Barack Obama announced that Balter was among his first endorsements of the 2020 cycle. The same week, Roll Call added Congressman John Katko to its list of the 10 most vulnerable House members—ranking Katko as the second most vulnerable House Republican—and Inside Elections and Roll Call shifted New York’s 24th District from ‘Lean Republican’ to ‘Tilt Republican.’