New Year’s Resolutions “Tips for Keeping Them”

Each year many people start concentrating on making resolutions.  This sometimes involves ordinary thins such as losing weight, becoming debt-free, embarking upon new adventures, and the list goes on.  Some research states that a great majority of people do not keep or obtain those goals. There are those who diligently try to make improvements, positive changes and goals that will enhance their lives.  A resolution is something that you resolve to keep, or a determination.  It takes will-power in order to make the goals a reality.  Listed here are a few tips that may be an asset to your desired results.

  • Set realistic goals!  Do not set your goals too high.  Gradually build upon progress as you go along. In other words, set attainable goals at first.
  • Write them down! List your desired goals and revisit them periodical progress. Your evaluation is important. It can motivate you to continue.
  • Keep a positive attitude about your aspirations! Find a friend that may be aspiring
    a similar goal. Exchange ideas.
  • Don’t give up if you should deviate from your plan.  Get back in line as soon as possible.  Don’t quit!
  • Take time for yourself! Starting your day out with spiritual guidance, meditation, exercise, health and dietary needs can be an asset.
  • Be creative! Try something new and broaden your horizons. Participate in the arts and other fields that will stimulate the brain.