Newly Elected Legislator Calls for Massive Turnout Regarding Reapportionment Public Hearing “It’s our Last Chance” November 10th 6:00 PM

Legislator-Elect Charles Garland is wasting no time as he’s hit the ground running sounding the alarm, a clarion call regarding the upcoming Reapportionment of Onondaga County. Reapportionment takes place every 10 years and occurs after the U.S. Census is completed. This is when your districts from Congress to City Council are carved up based on population.

The Hearing is scheduled for November 10, 2021 at 6:00 PM

Along with Reapportionment Maps Legislator-Elect Garland sent the following message this morning, “ Dustin Czarny, the Democratic Commissioner of the Onondaga County Board of Elections.  Dustin has been at the forefront of this redistricting, battling on our behalf. 

The last public hearing is November 10th. They know how I feel. What’s important is to get as many people as possible to attend. Either to speak or to fill seats as a show of strength.” – Charles Garland 

It is of utmost importance that there’s a large turnout for this public hearing. One of the challenges for the Black Community is how the community will be split based on the current proposed Reapportionment Map. This can pose a problem when you look at where the new lines are drawn and where the Black Community of Syracuse resides. This could make it more difficult to elect representatives of color as this new plan may dilute what little power the community held under  existing election district maps.

While the city of Syracuse has chosen to be transparent and non-partisan with their realigning of Council Districts; the Republican generated plan, if implemented could possibly eliminate the one seat representing the Black community, which is the 16 Legislative District. The old lines demographically increased the odds of diversity on the Onondaga County Legislature. The new configuration could leave the Black community without representation on the Legislature.

The Public Hearing is on November 10th at 6:00 PM If this redistricting goes into effect without the Black community speaking up, we’ll have no voice on the Onondaga County Legislature once this plan is fully implemented.