OHA Announces a new exhibit, “Strolling Down Salina Street: 1940-1980,” set to open this December, seeks artifacts from the public

Syracuse, NY (November  2018) Onondaga Historical Association (OHA) is pleased to announce that we are working on an exhibit highlighting the glory days of Salina Street, set to open December 19, 2018. So many Central New Yorkers have fond memories of coming to Syracuse and taking in the shops, the sights, and the sounds of Salina Street, the heart of Downtown. OHA’s goal is to re-create Salina Street in their large first floor gallery, using photographs and artifacts from the many shops, so that visitors to the downtown museum can literally “stroll” down the grand old street once again.

OHA is asking for your help.

If you, your family, or your friends, have any artifacts or photographs that can help us better tell the story of the heyday of Salina Street we would love to see them, and, possibly, add them to OHA displays for your fellow Central New Yorkers to enjoy. Perhaps artifacts from one of the iconic department stores, Addis, Chappell’s, or Dey Brothers, shoes, shoeboxes, jewelry, or maybe you have some old movie ticket stubs from RKO Keith’s, Empire or Loews, etc., OHA’s interested to see what’s out in our community.

Please call OHA at 315 428-1864 and ask to speak to Tom Hunter, Bob Searing, or Pamela Priest.

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