Onondaga Citizens League calls on community to determine next study topic

The Onondaga Citizens League (OCL), a nonpartisan civic organization focused on increasing understanding of issues facing Central New York, is soliciting suggestions for its 2013 study topic. OCL is a citizen-led group that studies a different community issue each year, generating research and recommendations to increase awareness and promote change.

The suggested issue should be important to the community, generate interest among the general public, and be timely and relevant. The issue should also lend itself to immediate or long-term solutions, be of manageable size and have the potential for OCL to make a difference. The final product is a report generated for distribution to legislators, community leaders and interested citizens.

To suggest a topic, visit OCL’s website at onondagacitizensleague.org. Click on “Studies” and “Suggest a Study Topic.” The deadline for submissions is Oct. 9.

Previous studies are available on the website. For more information, call 315-443-4846 or email OCL@uc.syr.edu.