Onondaga Community College to Begin Distance Learning Instruction March 23

In an effort to help manage the spread of the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, and in conjunction with Governor Andrew Cuomo’s announcement, Onondaga Community College will begin distance learning instruction March 23. Presently the College’s plan is to reopen for face-to-face instruction on April 13, if permissible and advisable. A final decision on the reopening date will be made one week prior based on guidance from SUNY and the health department. Throughout this period the college and campus will remain open and employees will report to work. Services will remain available to students.

Related policies and precautions include the following:

  • OCC students will be on spring break during the week of March 16. Residence Hall students will be allowed to return to residence halls March 22. Disinfectant supplies will be available in each living area.
  • Computer facilities will be available on campus for students. Social distancing best practices will be in effect. Students will be separated by 6-foot buffers while using computers. Disinfectant supplies will be available at each computer along with instructional signage regarding proper usage.
  • Coulter Library and the Learning Center tutoring center will remain open but any meetings will only happen in small groups.
  • All College athletics teams’ practices and games prior to April 13 will be suspended.
  • Any gatherings on the OCC campus of more than 50 people prior to April 13 will be cancelled and every effort will be made to reschedule.

As has been the case since the beginning of this process, OCC will continue to receive guidance from the Onondaga County Health Department, the New York State Health department, and SUNY.

OCC President Dr. Casey Crabill.

It is important that all students, faculty, and employees double check all of their emergency contact information in College systems and make sure it is up to date. All members of the campus community should routinely check their College email. In the event of a significant change in conditions we want to be able to contact everyone in a timely fashion.

“We are charged to serve students and will continue to do so as usual. Our mission of bettering students’ lives through higher education remains the same. The way in which we will do so is changing temporarily. I know our entire campus community is ready for this challenge and will pull together to serve students to the best of our abilities,” said Onondaga Community College President Dr. Casey Crabill.