Onondaga County Continues the Effort to Reopen Our Economy While Continuing the Battle against COVID-19

Onondaga County along with the rest of New York State is slowly emerging from our mandated pause. County Executive J. Ryan McMahon has led the local effort, providing updates and guidance. For the most recent local information click on Onondaga County COVID-19 data.

The most recent measures taken has  been Onondaga County Local Order 6. which mandates self-quarantine pending COVID – 19 tests results.

We currently have 2,823 cases, up 23 cases. There are 28 individuals are in the hospital, down 1.

6 are critical, up by 1.  In addition, 6 of our new cases are affiliated with senior living facilities, congregate settings or previously reported positive cases and 1 is related to travel.

Of the 23 new cases, 10 are from community spread and 7 are unknown at this time. Most recent number, 857 tests returned. Total neighbors lost remains at 188.

COVID-19 by the Numbers
  • 1661 are female, 1160 are male 2 unknown
  • 173 are under 19,
  • 500 in their 20’s,
  • 382 in their 30’s,
  • 340 in their 40’s,
  • 435 in their 50’s,
  • 351 in their 60’s,
  • 264 in their 70’s
  • 233 in their 80’s
  • 145 in their 90’s
  • 398 Active Cases which is down 19
  • 2, 242 Recovered up 42