Onondaga County COVID-19 Community Status Update Saturday August 1st: Testing Continues, One Additional Death

The latest information regarding Onondaga County’s battle against COVID-19, 3,354 total cases; 2,998 people have recovered. Onondaga County’s presently monitoring 161 active cases.  There was one an additional death since Friday, Local Emergency Orders have been “Extended”

Emergency Orders have been extended, please see list below:

Emergency Order No. 11-P Pertaining to Inmate for Testing COVID-19
Emergency Order No. 12-N Pertaining to Face Coverings at the County Workplace


One more deaths since yesterday Caucasian female in her 80’s with underlying health conditions, Total neighbors lost for the county related to COVID-19 is now 200

Testing and New Cases:

Since Friday, we have received back 1,687 for Onondaga County


20 individuals are hospitalized, 4 less than yesterday of these, 6 are from one memory care facility. We know that at least 6 of those currently needing treatment for COVID at around 14. 3 are critical, down 1, of the hospitalized:

  • 17 are Caucasian
  • 2 are African American
  • 1 are other race
Overall Statistics: We have 3,354 positive cases, up 10 since yesterday, of the 10 cases:
  • 1 are from a household contacts of previously confirmed cases
  • 3 are from our new cases are affiliated with senior living facilities
  • 2 are travel acquired
  • 1 is unknown at this time
  • 4 from community transmission –
  • 3 from an unknown source and 1 from a known. We are presently monitoring 161 active cases, down 1 since yesterday.
  • 2,998 people have recovered, up 10
From the total cases: 1,955 are female and 1,399 are male

250 are under 19,
641 in their 20’s,
460 in their 30’s,
406 in their 40’s,
499 in their 50’s,
391 in their 60’s,
289 in their 70’s,
260 in their 80’s,
158 in their 90’s

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