Onondaga County COVID-19 July 12 Update: One New Death, Potential Exposure at local Business

We have had 1 new death in hospitals since Saturday. Male, other race, 70’s, unknown at this time if he had underlying health conditions. Total neighbors lost for the county related to COVID-19 is now at 191. Since March, as in all his updates, County Executive J. Ryan McMahon II makes it a point to remind us to remember those “neighbors” we have lost to this pandemic.

Testing, contact tracing and public education appears to have worked in lowering the curve, however we are warned that we must be vigilant about maintaining efforts to control the spread of COVID-19.

The Onondaga County Health Department has issued an alert about potential COVID-19 Exposure at Tommy’s Park on Butternut Street. Potential COVID-19 Exposure

Testing and New Cases:

Since Saturday, we received back 1,360 tests for Onondaga County

Hospitalizations:  47 individuals are hospitalized, down 2

We know that at least 9 of these patients are ready to return to their home. A total of 25 are individuals that require additional care due to memory care issues as the hospital will be able provide the best care for them at this time. This makes are actual hospitalization number 19.

Of those who are hospitalized:
  • 4 are critical, same as Saturday.
  • 38 are Caucasian
  • 4 are African American
  • 1 are other race
  • 4 we do not have their demographics
Overall Statistics

We have 3,012 positive cases, up 39 since Saturday, 7 are household contacts, 11 are from our new cases are affiliated with senior living facilities or other congregate setting, 4 related to travel and 6 are unknown. 5 from the community we know the source, 6 we do not for a total community spread of 11.

21% of the new cases were already under quarantine at the time, the Onondaga County Health Department currently monitoring 342 active cases, up 22.  2,484 people have recovered, up 16 since yesterday

COVID-19 by the Numbers

1,767 are female and 1,242 are male, 3 unknown

  • 206 are under 19,
  • 543 in their 20’s,
  • 408 in their 30’s,
  • 361 in their 40’s,
  • 456 in their 50’s,
  • 362 in their 60’s,
  • 278 in their 70’s,
  • 247 in their 80’s,
  • 151 in their 90’s