Onondaga County December 28, 2020 COVID-19 Update Local Emergency Orders Extended

The information provided below is an update to the COVID-19 pandemic in Syracuse and Onondaga County. As required by law, Local Emergency Orders must be renewed by the County Executive. This action is preceded by an assessment of data as presented by county and regional health departments. Rates such as percentage within a given county are reported by the State of New York and distributed daily by the Governor’s Office.

Extension of Onondaga County Local Orders 1,6, 9,13, 15, 16-Y, 19

  • Local Emergency Order No. 1 Pertaining to Purchase Cards
  • LO #1-EEE (signed)
  • Local Emergency Order No. 6 Requiring Self-Quarantine Pending COVID-19 Results
  • LO #6-FFF (signed)
  • Local Emergency Order No. 9 Pertaining to Criminal Enforcement and Business Violations
  • LO #9-AAA (signed)
  • Local Emergency Order No. 13 Pertaining to Outdoor Dining
  • LO #13-PP (signed)
  • Local Emergency Order No. 15 Pertaining to Employers Obligation to Report to Health Department Test Positive for COVID
  • LO #15-JJ (signed)
  • Local Emergency Order No. 16-Y Pertaining to Indoor Group Fitness
  • LO #16-Y (signed)
  • Local Emergency Order No. 19 Pertaining to Caps on Fees Food Delivery Services
  • LO #19-E (signed)


Report week is the week new cases were reported by the Onondaga County Health Department. Data are presented in the graph by the first date of each report week . Updated weekly, last update: 12/22/2020 Source: OCHD Get the data Created with Datawrapper

COVID-19 Dashboards

Onondaga County maintains two COVID-19 Dashboards displaying cases by municipality and by ZIP code (within the city of Syracuse). 

These dashboards are accessible by clicking the buttons to the right. Please note the Syracuse ZIP code dashboard includes only cases that fall within the boundary of the City of Syracuse and do not reflect all cases within that zip code.


DATA SOURCE: All data presented above are from the Onondaga County Health Department. Please note data are provisional and represent data available at the time of report.