Onondaga County Democrats to File Petitions for Full County Slate

Syracuse, NY- For the first time in a generation, Democrats are set to field a full slate of candidates for the Onondaga County Legislature. The slate consists of 6 incumbents and 11 challengers with a mission to flip the legislature and start working for the people of the county.

This comes on the heels of momentous gains by Democrats the past few years with an increase in voter registration advantage, the historic elections of State Senator Mannion, County Comptroller Masterpole, and President Biden.

Candidates will gather at the Board of Elections Tuesday at 3 pm to file their petitions.

Onondaga County Democrats 2021 Slate of Candidates. “Click” on image to enlarge.

  • District 1: Justin Neal
  • District 2: Jay Snyder
  • District 3: Matt Johnson
  • District 4: Stephon Williams
  • District 5: Jana Rogers
  • District 6: Diane Dwire
  • District 7: Mary Kuhn
  • District 8: Chris Ryan
  • District 9: Peggy Chase
  • District 10: Heather Waters
  • District 11: Ryan Suser
  • District 12: Sunny Aslam
  • District 13: Sara Aaserud
  • District 14: Dr. Shanelle Benson Reid
  • District 15: Bill Kinne
  • District 16: Vernon Williams Jr.
  • District 17: Linda Ervin