Onondaga County Executive Provides Briefing from April 10th – 456 positive 5,594 negatives, Extension of Executive Orders 6 And 10

176 people who’ve people recovered and have been released from mandatory isolation and quarantine.

The following is direct from the daily briefing for full video click on link below.

“We’ve had 22 new people released from quarantine, this is the first day where we’ve had more recoveries than positive cases. We now have 272 active cases, that’s down 9 from yesterday. 47 individuals out of our positive cases are household contacts, so out of our 456 we have 406 individual cases, that then leads to 47 positive contact cases for a total 456.

6,350 tests that have been administered, 6,050 tests have been returned; with 456 positive 5,594 negatives, these individuals have been sick, with something other than covid-19.

We have 300 pending tests. We received 435 tests back since yesterday. Right now, 7.5% of those tested are positive. That’s gone down a little bit, we had a lot of tests come back yesterday where we only had 14 positives. The percentages for the first time went below in one day, what we had been seeing between 7 -8% I think they’re about 3 ½ – 4% yesterday. We got a lot of them back. 300 pending tests is the lowest amount of pending tests we’ve had in a long period of time. We’ll see what today’s demand brings across the community.

Process after a positive test result. Our health department is going to contact you, check in on your health, look at your symptoms. You’ll hear from your doctor as well. And Then, they’re going to start their investigation of direct contacts, to determine who needs to be in a quarantined or not.

“Quarantine Is based off of direct contacts. Because you work at the same employer doesn’t mean you had direct contact with that individual during the period of time that the health department has deemed necessary for a quarantine. A reminder, anyone who has been tested must be in a quarantine. For context, those 300 pending tests those individuals are all in a quarantine.  This helps us prevent those 300 individuals from going out and about in the community and potentially spreading whatever it is they have, whether it’s COVID-19, or a cold or flu”

Onondaga County has lost its 8th individual due to the coronavirus; 6 males 2 females

  • 49 in hospital
  • Racial Breakdown
  • 25 Caucasian
  • 11 African Americans
  • 4 other race
  • 9 unknown at this time
  • 1,377 cases in our services area/region
  • Extension of Orders 6 and 10 pertaining to closure of golf courses and quarantine orders for those who are waiting for the return of test results.
​County Executive Ryan McMahon’s Daily Briefing;

County Executive Ryan McMahon’s DailySnipit;

“Don’t get Mom and Dad sick…”