Onondaga County Legislature Democrats Announce The “CNY Rising Recovery Plan” For Emergence From COVID-19 Pandemic

Syracuse, NY The six-member Democratic Caucus of the Onondaga County Legislature is unveiling the CNY Rising Recovery Plan today. This plan would invest much of the $89.3 Million of the federal funds from the American Rescue Act over the next two years into helping the people of our county rise and recover from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We would like to thank County Executive McMahon, our health commissioner Dr. Indu Gupta and the thousands of public servants that helped our county get through this pandemic. The fight is by no means over, but one year in, there finally seems to be light at the end of the tunnel.

Our CNY Rising Recovery Plan proposes the following:

  • PUBLIC HEALTH: Grow the staffing and budget of the Onondaga County Health Department by 25% to help finish the fight against COVID-19 and better prepare for the next public health crisis. Investing in job training and recruitment of mental health professionals, nurses, and physician assistants in our community.
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Investing funds into local museums, art & music organizations, and venues to encourage economic development, economic activity, and to boost tourism in Onondaga County. Utilization of American Rescue Act funds to assist our locally owned and county small businesses, through a comprehensive plan, to provide financial support through grants, loans, workforce development, and other financial assistance measures.
  • HELP OUR PEOPLE THRIVE: In our ever-changing world, we must help people thrive by investing in community services such, as but not limited to Libraries, mental health support for school-aged children, housing, and human service programs for our most vulnerable. Earmarking millions of dollars into service-oriented non-profit grants not to be used for existing organizational overhead.
  • COUNTY INFRASTRUCTURE: Investing in rehabbing and improving county roads, bridges, sewers, and expanding broadband access to more residents of our county.