Onondaga County Receives Latest Sales Tax Payment; Down $26 Million on the Year

Payment totals $ 22,319,016

Syracuse, N.Y. – Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon announced that Onondaga County was in receipt of the latest sales tax payment. The payment represents the months of June and July and totaled $22,319,016 which reflects a $3.2 million decrease year over year. Onondaga County is now down almost $26 million for the 2020 budget.

County Executive McMahon said, “As Congress debates the next Coronavirus relief bill, the stakes could not be higher for state and local governments. Without direct relief from Washington, D.C., Onondaga County will be forced to take drastic and draconian measures to fill this budget hole.” McMahon continued, “The very workforce and services that helped our community get through this pandemic are now in peril. I urge Congress to act quickly and provide the desperately needed relief directly to local governments.”

The next sales tax payment is expected the later this month, though subject to change.