Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office Clarifies – Confusion over Restrictions Due to the Coronavirus

County of Onondaga, New YorkThe Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office would like the public to know that there is no travel ban or curfew in New York State. The public is urged to stay home to the maximum extent possible, travel only if necessary and make sure to practice social distancing as New York State has the highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the nation.

Law enforcement agencies have received numerous inquiries about a travel ban, but we reiterate that there is no travel ban at this time in New York State including Onondaga County.

Non-essential travel across the US-Canadian Border is restricted. Tourism and recreation related travel is considered non-essential. Americans and Canadians are allowed to cross the land border every day to perform essential work or for other urgent reasons. Commercial traffic will be permitted in order to support critical supply chains.