Onondaga County’s July 29th COVID-19 Community Update: No Additional Deaths, Local Emergency Orders Extended

The latest information regarding Onondaga County’s battle against COVID-19, 3,312 total cases, 2,974 people have recovered. Onondaga County’s presently monitoring 147 active cases, down 26.  There were no additional deaths, several Local Emergency Orders have been “Extended”

Emergency Orders have been extended, please see list below:

  • Emergency Order No. 9-W Pertaining to Criminal Enforcement and Business Violations
  • Emergency Order No. 13-L Pertaining to Outdoor Dining
  • Emergency Order No. 15-F Pertaining to Employer’s Obligation to Provide Employee Roster to Health Department, if one or more employees test positive for COVID-19


Deaths:  Total neighbors lost for the county related to COVID-19 remains at 196

Testing:   Since yesterday, we received back 1,672 tests for Onondaga County

Hospitalizations:  31 individuals are hospitalized, down 2 from yesterday, of these, 12 are from one memory care facility. We know that at least 14 of the 31 patients are ready to return to a nursing home, leaving our actual number of those currently needing treatment for COVID at around 15.

  • 4 are critical, same as yesterday, of the 31 hospitalized:
  • 27 are Caucasian
  • 3 are African American
  • 1 are other race

Overall Statistics: Onondaga County has 3,312 positive cases, up 10 since yesterday of these 10 cases:

  • 1 was under quarantine prior to onset
  • 1 related to travel (Virginia)
  • 8 from community transmission – (5 of an unknown source and 3 of a known source)
  • 1 is unknown

Onondaga County’s presently monitoring 147 active cases, down 26.  2,974 people have recovered, up 36

COVID-19 Onondaga County Data

COVID-19 Data and Reports

From the 3,312 total cases: 1,933 are female and 1,379 are male

245 are under 19,

628 in their 20’s,

452 in their 30’s,

399 in their 40’s,

495 in their 50’s,

387 in their 60’s,

288 in their 70’s,

259 in their 80’s,

159 in their 90’s

Onondaga County COVID-19 Resource Numbers