Price Rite’s South Avenue Location Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

Gift Card giveaway on Friday will kick-off the celebration Doors open at 8:00 a.m. (Lines may form earlier)

Store Specials through April 26th at All Price Rite Locations Price Rite Sale Circular

A year ago, the community gathered to celebrate the Grand Opening of the Price Rite Supermarket on South Ave. in Syracuse. It was a day filled with pride in what Jubilee Homes and community residents had accomplished.  The grocery store ideal became the focus of community activists and neighborhood residents for a decade. Years of meeting with the area residents, getting through to those elected representatives that having a store such as Price Rite was a good idea. On Friday, April 6th the neighborhood gathers to celebrate Price Rite’s 1st Anniversary.  The day begins with a $25 Price Rite Gift Card Giveaway limited to the first 250 people beginning when doors open at 8:00 a.m. (lines may form earlier)

Price Rite, Ribbon Cutting/ Grand Opening

The store which opened a year ago has been a benefit to a neighborhood that’s reinvented itself over the last two decades, building and/or rehabilitation close to 100 houses. Those residents wanted a supermarket in their neighborhood. The Price Rite project funding, contrary to some, was a collaborative effort with Wakefern (Price Rite’s parent company) investing 2.5 million dollars in their South Avenue location. While Onondaga County allowed a variety of combined incentives; the amounts of public funding is paltry in comparison to the 100 million dollars invested in the New York State Fairgrounds. More jobs were created for inner city residents by this urban collaboration, than one hundred million dollars spent on re-configuring the fairgrounds.

The store has taken root in the community as more people have decided to make Price Rite a “value” destination for their food dollars. For the immediate neighborhood, it also meant as many as 100 jobs within walking distance.  Price Rite is a job creator in a community that sorely needed this boost.

As a result, the area through the leadership of Jubilee Homes of Syracuse, has begun looking at other goods and service providers who could come into the commercial district. Now, with Rite Aid Pharmacy and Price Rite as retail anchors, those same organizers are working to bring additional job generating ventures into the heavily traveled, South Avenue corridor.

In addition to the traditional Grand Opening festivities, Price Rite has a 1st Anniversary Sale circular that has great savings through April 26th the prices are applicable to all area Price Rite locations. See attached link for store wide savings Price Rite Sale Circular . 

This store is a testimony to what neighborhood residents and community activists can accomplish.  Speak with Jubilee Homes Executive Director Walt Dixie or Price Rite Executive Bill Britton, you can feel the energy dedicated to this project.  Not only has Price Rite supported the community by paying Jubilee Homes an annual fee for leasing the facility, Price Rite has spent funds on advertisements with minority owned and/or  minority operated media outlets.

Mr. Britton and the Price Rite Marketplace team have gone out of  their way to ensure that this Price Rite location is special, a special part of our community.