Protest You Can But…..City Issues Updated Guidelines for Protest Permit Applications

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – The city of Syracuse recently issued updated guidelines for permit applications. The guidelines aim to ensure increased efficiency at public gatherings and enhance public safety. All applications will continue to be processed through the Central Permit Office.

All event participants consent to random searches by the Syracuse Police Department. Those who do not consent to searches will be prohibited from participating in events. The following items will be banned from parades and public assemblies: Any and all firearms, swords, cane swords, knives of any type, baseball bats, flag poles, clubs or any item that may be used as a club, metal knuckles, plastic knuckles, fighting gloves or any gloves designed for the purpose of striking, chukka sticks, billy, blackjack, sand bag, sand club, sling shot, wrist brace type sling shot, shirken or ” kung fu star,” glass bottles, any bottles or containers containing urine or other noxious liquid, mace, pepper spray, any containers containing a noxious liquid or spray, shields or any sign of such size and material that it may be utilized as a shield, any weapon or any unlawful use of an object as defined in Articles 265 and 270 of the Penal Law of New York.

The new permit can be downloaded here:

Leave these items at home….

Kung Fu Throwing Star


wrist sling shot


Fire Arms


Captain America Shield

Fighting gloves