Public Hearings Announced for SCSD Schools Entering Receivership

Eighteen schools in the Syracuse City School District have been placed in “receivership” status by the New York State Department of Education. This designation means that for these schools, the 2015-2016 school year will include changes in school operations and other efforts to improve school performance.

To ensure that parents are fully informed about the receivership process, the Syracuse City School District has scheduled a series of public hearings. These hearings will help parents understand how the receivership will impact the operation of a child’s school and will allow them to ask questions about the process.SCSD-Logotiny

The public hearings are scheduled as follows:

Date      Time              School                        Location

 9/8     5:30 PM       Delaware Academy    Auditorium

9/10     5:00 PM        Lincoln MS                  Library

9/10     5:00 PM        Dr. King                        Library

9/10     5:00 PM       Westside Academy    Cafeteria

9/12     11:00 AM     Dr. Weeks                   Cafeteria

9/15     6:00 PM       Fowler HS                    Library

9/16    6:00 PM          Hughes                      Cafeteria

9/16     7:00 PM      Nottingham HS           Cafeteria

9/17    6:00 PM          Frazer PK-8             Auditorium

9/17     6:00 PM      Henninger HS             Cafeteria

9/21    6:00 PM          Danforth                Auditorium

9/22    5:00 PM          Bellevue                  Cafeteria

9/23    5:00 PM         Grant MS                Auditorium

9/23    5:30 PM         Porter                     Auditorium

9/24    5:00 PM         Franklin                    Cafeteria

9/24    5:30 PM         Van Duyn                 Cafeteria

9/28    5:30 PM         HW Smith PK-8       Cafeteria

9/29       5:00 PM         Seymour               Cafeteria

 The Syracuse City School District is committed to ensuring that students who remain enrolled at these schools continue to experience a great education. Parents are highly encouraged to attend the hearing at their child’s school to help them remain active partners in ensuring each student’s academic success.