Put the U Back in Syrac_se: A Community-Wide Campaign

Murals, Scavenger Hunt, Public Service Announcements, and Community Support aimed at getting people out to enjoy our local businesses, the campaign begins

Today, a Community-wide coalition launched Put the U Back in Syracuse, campaign encouraging consumers to visit businesses throughout Onondaga County that have reopened. The eight-week campaign promotes local businesses, includes a community-wide scavenger hunt and is supported with an advertising campaign designed to put the ‘U’ back in the community we all call home.

TV Commercial Support Click Here to view TV spot that will be running. The video which will air on local stations features; Onondaga County Executive J.Ryan McMahon II, Mayor Ben Walsh, Syracuse Common Council President Helen Hudson, and a host of local area small businesses all committed to putting the “U” back in Syracuse.

Put the U Back in Syracuse involves a diverse coalition of businesses and elected officials throughout the area. Led by the Downtown Committee, the campaign involves dozens of local businesses and is supported by County Executive Ryan McMahon, Mayor Ben Walsh and Visit Syracuse. Put the ‘U’Back in Syracuse is designed and implemented by Mower.

During a pre-launch visit you can see artist Ally Walker working on a decorative mural. While urbancny’s Ken Jackson is putting the “U” in Syracuse.

According to coordinators of the program, Merike Treier, Executive Director of Downtown Committee of Syracuse and Alice Maggiore, “Put the U Back in Syracuse is being launched now because businesses that have responsibly and safely opened need the support of their patrons. Our community should feel proud of its progress keeping COVID-19 at bay.”

During a pre-launch visit you can see artist Ally Walker working on a decorative mural of the logo, which will be an integral part of the campaign. Not only will this artwork appear in downtown Syracuse, you will see this in 3 other locations around the city.

One element of the campaign is a socially-distanced, digital Syracuse Scavenger Hunt – which encourages the community to visit places throughout Onondaga County, inviting them to enjoy businesses, restaurants and explore iconic landmarks. By reading the clues, participants are eligible to win prizes by earning points by completing the tasks listed on the Scavify app, accessible by visiting www.UBackinSyracuse.com/Hunt.    


Put the U Back in Syrac_se Campaign

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Put the U Back in Syrac_se comes at a crucial time as some of our local businesses need the return of regular customers and an introduction to the new.  We are slowly emerging from the pandemic; now with caution it’s time to resume our lives.

Time to Put the U Back in Syrac_se