Quality of Life: It Begins at City Hall ‘Stop Blue Bin Tossing’

With great fanfare, again we are focusing on “Quality of Life” Issues in the City of Syracuse, again. There was a time when I would welcome the news as a step in the right direction. However, when conditions wax and wane like phases of the moon, it becomes difficult. (Insert sound of chirping crickets here) At a time when some politicians want to take over the maintenance of sidewalks city wide, we can’t even take out the trash.

This isn’t a new occurrence; in fact, it’s happened to the point of me purchasing a camera just to document the art of Blue Bin tossing. This doesn’t occur only in my neighborhood; it happens throughout the city. Perhaps ESPN could add this to their list of new localized sports; Blue Bin and Garbage Can Tossing.

I’ve witnessed an elderly woman in her mid-80’s attempt to retrieve a recycle bin that was tossed, sometimes it lands in the middle of the driveway. Another homeowner on the far eastside on more than one occasion had their Recycle Bin tossed into the middle of the yard, in the snow.

Perhaps, the City of Syracuse, DPW could start Quality of life improvements by returning Recycle Bins and Trash Cans to where they got them.