Read Across America – One Million Hops Into Literacy!

Delaware Primary and Delaware Academy School students are taking on the challenge of reading

ONE MILLION WORDS between March 1 and March 24, 2017. In celebration of Dr. Seuss’ Birthday, the Delaware School community will be hosting a read-a-thon.

Parents and community members were invited to come to school Wednesday, March 1, 2017 starting at 8:15 am and read their favorite books to students as well as share their career choices. Spanish and English professionals also were invited to join in the fun, at Delaware Primary and Delaware Academy School.

The day started with a Read Across America Community Meeting and renew their commitment to reading by taking a pledge to complete One Million Hops into Literacy where students and staff pledge to read one million words!

To assist with the presentation, Captain Jack Sparrow was present alongside President and CEO of Math & Movement, Suzy Koontz.

One Million Hops into Literacy will end on 3/24 with their kick off pep rally for New York State Assessments featuring the Syracuse Unity Street Band, an open multi-level community band that plays for good causes.

Community businesses, families, and individuals are invited to sponsor students in the read-athon for a penny per word. (Please contact Principal Hernández if you would like to be recognized as a sponsor.)

Throughout the read-a-thon, students will engage in the kinesthetic Learn Thru Movement’s Hop Into Literacy program. The nationally acclaimed Math & Movement™ program is a kinesthetic, multi-sensory approach to teaching reading that incorporates physical activity with visual stimuli created to make learning fun, active, and memorable. The program utilizes specially designed floor mats and banners that enable students to hop, walk, crawl, or dance their way to mastering reading concepts.

Why this Program’s Important

Eight out of ten children are kinesthetic learners (learn best through movement.) The program harnesses children’s natural kinesthetic learning style to foster positive feelings towards learning.

The program is based on research that shows that moving during learning facilitates muscle memory, an important factor with younger children whose abstract thinking skills are not fully developed. Studies show this type of activity allows teachers and students to feel more energized, focused, and prepared to learn. At a time when there are 12 million obese children, physical fitness has become a matter of national urgency. As U.S. Senator Chris Dodd has said, “All of us—parents, schools, government, employers—need to see the rising childhood obesity rates for what they are: a medical emergency.Hop Into Literacy promotes physical activity while simultaneously increasing learning. The end result: physically fit children and increased test scores.