Redhouse Arts Center New Works Festival, Open to Public

Red House Arts Center will host a New Works Festival on Saturday, February 18th at 7PM in its Lab Space at 219 S. West Street. The event is free and open to the public.

The New Works Festival will feature readings of three original plays written by Redhouse teaching fellows Melanie Harrison, Colin Hirsch-Wilson, and CJ Miller.

In a yet-to-be-titled piece by Melanie Harrison, a young man, J, wakes up in a hospital room after attempting suicide. Conversations with a bubble nurse intersect with memories of his aunt B. A fantastical dreamscape filled with B’s elaborate storytelling forces J to reconcile his past with his future.

“Our Split Party,” by Colin Hirsch-Wilson, chronicles the vlogging adventures of two BRO-tastic Bernie Sanders fans as they experience the 2016 election. As they try to make videos supporting the democratic party, they face frustration, compromise, and The Donald.

“Late Shift,” by CJ Miller, centers on a late-night run-in at a convenience store between the clerk and a customer who confesses to being a pedophile. Is the customer being honest or just making a highly inappropriate joke? The two debate the relationship between truth and the power of presentation.

Redhouse’s New Works Festival is part of a professional development program for Redhouse employees called The Sandbox. The Sandbox creates opportunities for Redhouse staff to develop as theatre artists and collaborators by facilitating workshops, festivals, and opportunities for mentorship.