Reflections! Concert at Hendricks Chapel presented by JHMN and SGMWA More than an ordinary Concert! “The Spirit of Spring”

The 7th Annual Concert presented by Dr. Joan Hillsman and the Syracuse Chapter GMWA on April 21st proved to me more than an ordinary concert!  Community participation increased, wherein, all genres of performing arts were included: Dance, Readings, testimonials, Singing, and across the board presentations were included.  One of the highlights was the Awards: “I-Shine Youth Awards”-These awards were presented to students across the city for outstanding progress in music at JHMN, Entrepreneurs, and community services throughout Syracuse and beyond.  Trophies were presented to:



  • Keith White, Drummer and Community MLK Drum Corp participant, Southern Missionary Baptist Church


  • “JJ” Justin Wright- Youth Drummer at Gesemane Church
    .  Raven Ford, Pianist
    .  Jermaine Trotter, Vocalist


  • Robert Short, Jr. Min. of Music, Bethany Baptist Church, and Former owner of WRDS -102.1 FM, Syracuse’s First African American Owned Radio Station   Entrepreneur in Syracuse received a Community Pioneer Award

Participants Awards and accolades were acknowledge to Bethany Baptist Church, Southern Baptist Church, New Hope Baptist, Mary Hudson and city ushers, Frank’s Creative Public Relations, Janeappiah &  Friends and other individuals who appeared on the program.

Greetings and remarks were given from Syracuse Mayor Miner’s Office, and many others.  A special thank you is extended to JHMN Board Members, Shirley Rowser, Rev. Roosevelt Baum, Judge Derrek Thomas, Douglas Russell, Dr. Rochelle Ford, and Quentin Hillsman.