Removing Salt …

On occasion, when I’m out on the road, I’ll stop and grab lunch at a local restaurant. Many times it has been a local deli, famous for their sandwiches and homemade soups. Having them right around the corner was quite convenient when you wanted something quick and tasty.

I’ve been on job interviews and conducted business while having a sandwich or cup of soup there. As I’ve become increasingly mobile thanks to my various gadgets I can work on a beach in South Carolina and still respond as quickly as if I were right next door.

So, on a particular Wednesday afternoon following a Monday holiday, I settled in for a cup of Spanish rice, which I hadn’t eaten regularly since high school. As I was about to make a quick business call, diners from the booth in front of me started speaking loudly.

As the bleach-blond revelers’ conversation escalated, becoming too loud to be ignored, those in close proximity could hear: “(expletive) this and (expletive) that”

I mentioned the incident to the restaurant manager and he went over and made a mealy-mouthed appeal to the young ladies. I was then treated to a ghetto-ese language display, which included, “we got jobs,” and “you should mind yo’ own bizness.”

After venting to management and getting into the car I realized something, all of their soups are quite salty and, as an African- American, I must be careful about the use of salt.

And maybe it’s good time to start reducing my salt intake by not going back to this restaurant.

July 7, 2011