Rep. Katko Announces Support for Government Shutdown Prevention Act

Washington, D.C. — Today, U.S. Representative John Katko (NY-24) announced his co-sponsorship of H.R. 622, the Government Shutdown Prevention Act, legislation to end the process of governing from shutdown to shutdown and fix Congress’s dysfunctional budget process.

“Since coming to Congress, I have strongly opposed government shutdowns. Manipulating the budget for political gain is irrational and directly undermines the legislative process. There are no winners when Congress fails to fund the government,” said Rep. Katko. “This legislation ensures critical federal programs continue to function by providing an automatic continuing resolution for appropriations bills not signed into law before the end of the fiscal year. It is Congress’s duty to fund the government in a responsible, timely manner and this bill holds elected officials accountable to keep the federal government open.”

The Government Shutdown Prevention Act was introduced by Representative Lloyd Smucker (R-PA). Since 2013, the federal government has shut down on four separate occasions. Since Dec. 22, the federal government has been shut down due to an impasse over spending and, as of Jan. 16, it is the longest federal shutdown in history.

If passed, the legislation would automatically continue government funding through a continuing resolution. The bill would implement a five percent spending penalty on the day the continuing resolution begins.

Federal spending would be reduced by two percent 60 days after the first day of the fiscal year and by an additional two percent each subsequent 60-day period.