Rep. Katko Statement on Avoiding a Government Shutdown

Washington, D.C. —U.S. Rep. John Katko (NY-24)released the following statement regarding last night’s vote to fund the federal government:

“I have always believed that government shutdowns are costly, unnecessary and demonstrate a failure to seek bipartisan compromise.  I have not, and will never, vote to support a shutdown.  Last night, I voted in support of a measure before the House to fund the government and provide border security funding and natural disaster aid.

“There are no clean hands in the negotiations that have taken place over the past several days.  This has been handled poorly by both sides.  While I strongly believe we must secure our border and implement permanent, comprehensive immigration reform, Congress has had plenty of opportunity to act on this issue and failed to do so.  Earlier this year, I helped negotiate a compromise bill that would have both secured our border and provided legal status for DACA recipients.  However, this measure did not advance in the House.  Now, Congress has again kicked the can down the road and members from both parties are at a standstill.  This is not an effective or productive way to govern.

“As we await action in the Senate today, I remain willing to work with both sides to build consensus and keep the government open.”