Rep. Maffei Announces Infrastructure Plan

SYRACUSE, NY U.S. Representative Dan Maffei was joined today at the Erie Canal Museum in Syracuse by local community leaders to announce a new plan that outlines priorities for infrastructure investment and the steps necessary to ensure Central New York has the structural framework in place to grow and prosper for generations to come.

“If we want to grow our economy and create jobs, we need to get serious about making smart investments in infrastructure,” said Rep. Maffei. “Unfortunately, lack of investment in local infrastructure has hindered our region’s ability to grow and prosper at the pace it could. That’s why I worked with people from across Central New York to create an infrastructure plan that outlines the steps we must take together to ensure we have the structural framework and delivery systems in place to meet the needs of local families and businesses. Central New York is truly the best place to live, work, and raise a family, but in order to keep it that way we must invest in our infrastructure.”

Maffei Infrastructure Plan photo

Rep. Maffei announces his infrastructure plan at the Erie Canal Museum in Syracuse.

Rep. Maffei has been committed to strengthening the middle class, creating jobs, and growing the economy since he took office. Over the past several months, Rep. Maffei has been working closely with local leaders, stakeholders, and members of the public to create this plan. He has held roundtables and forums across the 24th District and sent a survey to people throughout the region to hear directly from people in the community on the challenges facing local infrastructure.

Rep. Maffei’s plan includes recommendations to make infrastructure a priority, protect and promote our local resources, and make smart infrastructure investments that will pay dividends over time. This includes modernizing roads and bridges, airports, ports, high-speed rail systems, water and sewer systems, energy smart grids, and high-speed internet.

A copy of Rep. Maffei’s infrastructure plan may be found here.