Rise Up For The Census

This year, RISE started an initiative titled “Rise up for Census 2020” and have received a grant from CNY Community Foundation, this initiative is geared toward helping the refugee and immigrants in the CNY participate in Census 2020. This is RISE’s first concentrated, funded Census-oriented initiative, the goal of this project is to educate the refugees and immigrants communities in Onondaga County through culturally and linguistically appropriate means about the importance of participation in the Census.

Also, Rise is happy to announce a partnership with YWCA Syracuse & Onondaga County, which will help the organization reach the Latino Community in CNY. They’ve enlisted a popular Latino radio station (Nosotros Radio) to promote Census in Spanish and have hired three community navigators to assist with filling out Census forms and educate the new American communities.

RISE has translated flyers in Spanish, Arabic, Somalia, Napoli, and of course, English. To learn more about Census and how to participate, please visit 2020census.gov

Census deadline is September 30th, 2020

Learn more about YWCA at  https://www.ywca-syracuse.org/

Sponsored by CNY Community Foundation