Saint Joseph’s Hospital co-generation Plant Fire Major Draws Major Response from Syracuse Fire Department

Syracuse, N.Y. – Minor fire at the co generation plant attached to Saint Joseph’s Hospital draws a major response from the Syracuse Fire Department.

On Friday June 21st at approximately 8:30 p.m. the Syracuse Fire Department responded to a reported fire in the boiler room of the co generation plant attached to Saint Joseph’s Hospital.  A full telephone alarm assignment consisting of 3 Engines, 1 Truck, 1 Ladder, the Rescue, Squad and a District Chief responded initially.  Due to the remote location of the fire and the occupancy of the adjoining hospital the District Chief declared a “Signal 99” (working structure fire).  The declaration of a Signal 99 automatically starts additional resources such as:  The closest company to serve as the Rapid Intervention Team (tasked with helping any firefighters that may have a life threatening emergency), a second District Chief, a Deputy Chief, the Fire Investigator, the Safety Officer, National Grid, AMR, the Red Cross and the Syracuse Police Department.

Engine Company 2 and Truck 2 (2300 Lodi Street) arrived within 2 minutes.  Crews had to carry “high rise” packs (bundles of fire hose) several flights of stairs above ground level and hook into the “standpipe” system.  (a system of pipes and valves that allow the fire department to pump water into the building at the street level and use it at a remote location to fight the fire).

The Deputy Fire Chief declared the situation under control within 40 minutes.  The fire was contained to the co generation plant and smoke was ventilated from an adjoining stairwell, but never reached the hospital.  The exact origin and cause is under investigation.  There were no reported civilian or firefighter injuries reported at this incident.