Save More Than Daylight: When You Spring Forward on Sunday March 11, 2018, Keep Your Family Safe From Fire

Syracuse, New York, March 9, 2018 — Since 1966, most states have been changing the clocks twice a year in order to save an hour of daylight. Love it or hate it, daylight saving time is coming up again. When you spring forward on Sunday March 11th, the Syracuse Fire Department wants you to think about two very important ways to move fire safety forward when you move the hands on your clock. First, Smoking materials are the number one cause of fire deaths, so there just isn’t a more important prevention message. Whether you smoke yourself or have guests who smoke, take these simple steps to reduce the risk of a smoking-related fire.

  • It is better to smoke outside because furniture, bedding and papers inside the home can catch fire from burning cigarettes.
  • Keep a sturdy ashtray or bucket of sand handy for smokers.
  • Smoke only when you are alert. If you take medicine or get sleepy, don’t smoke.
  • Never smoke near anyone who uses medical oxygen. If a fire starts, the oxygen will cause it to burn hotter and faster. There is no safe way to smoke when oxygen is in use.

Smoke and CO Detector

Second, “Twice a year, residents should test their smoke alarms and CO detectors,” according to Chief Michael Monds. “The spring and fall time changes are perfect reminders to test this equipment and, if your detectors are battery operated, you should change the batteries as well.” “Residents with hard-wired systems should be testing their detector systems monthly and change the batteries annually. The spring time change is a perfect annual reminder,” Fire Chief Monds said.“If you do not have smoke detectors and CO detectors in your home, you should purchase and install some detectors immediately.”

For more information please contact the Syracuse Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau at 315-448-4777 or