County Executive Mahoney Announces Save the Rain Green Improvement Fund 2016 Application Period Is Now Open

Commercial, Business and Nonprofit Property Owners in Eligible Locations can Receive Funding to Install Green Infrastructure to Manage Stormwater Runoff

Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney announced today that the Save the Rain Green Improvement Fund (GIF) is accepting new applications for green infrastructure projects on eligible private property. GIF supports the development of green infrastructure to manage stormwater on private property.

The GIF program is a vital component of the Save the Rain Program, Onondaga County’s comprehensive stormwater management program to reduce pollution to Onondaga Lake and its tributaries.

Joane Mahoney

Joane Mahoney

GIF grant funding offers assistance to applicants installing green infrastructure technologies as an aspect of development or redevelopment in specific geographical locations within the Clinton, Harbor Brook and Midland Combined Sewersheds (CSS). Details are outlined in the Green Improvement Fund Program Boundary Map and sites are located in select areas within the City of Syracuse. Eligible commercial, business and nonprofit property owners are invited to apply for grant funding to support the installation of green Infrastructure technologies, including, but not limited to, rain gardens, green roofs, porous pavement, cisterns, underground infiltration systems, added green space and tree plantings.

Since its inception, Onondaga County has provided nearly $9 million in GIF funding to local green infrastructure projects on private property. The 79 projects completed to date capture more than 38 million gallons of stormwater runoff throughout the City of Syracuse.

The 2016 GIF program description, application, funding calculator, and eligibility map are available on the Save the Rain website,