Say Yes to trash….

Most property owners in Syracuse are responsible people, picking up after themselves and disposing of trash, construction debris, yard waste, etc. But in every neighborhood there seems to be a “problem property” infecting the entire block with blight. These conditions make prospective homebuyers run to the ‘burbs while resident city homeowners close their wallets to any future home improvements.


“No one wants to live here anyway,” they sigh, and the cycle continues.

On the far west end where I live there are several properties that fit the definition of urban blight. Directly across the street is a lot that the neighbors call the “West End Junk Yard,” complete with old unregistered vehicles, trailers, chairs, tires and foliage that has to be cut back every few months during the summer.
Usually, it’s the City of Syracuse doing the honors and taking a few hours to clear a private citizen’s lot. And at times there’s a City of Syracuse registered vehicle parked in front.

During the summer months we look forward to our vehicles getting scraped by the numerous bushes, shrubs and small trees that protrude from their encampment. At night the area looks so dangerous and forbidden that foot traffic grinds to a halt.

Speaking especially to women who walk alone: don’t use my street after dark you could be dragged into the junkyard and never be heard from again.

Couple the above with periodically-missed Blue Bin recycling pickups and it makes you wonder exactly what this city wants prospective new residents to “Say Yes” to?

Photo Caption: Residential property at Lowell Ave., School and St. Marks Ave. The area pictured is from the front stoop of residential area on Rann Ave. near Porter School.