SCSD Launches Attendance Initiative, Seeks Community Support

The Syracuse City School District has launched an attendance initiative intended to encourage every student to attend school every day. In order for a child to succeed at school, attendance is critical. But one in ten children nationwide is considered chronically absent, missing more than 18 days of school in a year.

As early as kindergarten, missing just two days of school each month can result in academic deficiencies and can put a child on track to be less likely to graduate from high school and college. Syracuse City Schools are working to combat chronic absenteeism by raising awareness about what parents, teachers and community members can do to help.

“Our responsibility to our students is to encourage and support them as they go for the gold,” Interim Superintendent Jaime Alicea said. “Our goal is to ensure that all students receive access to a rigorous curriculum that will prepare them to graduate college and career ready. In order for this to happen, every student needs to be present in the classroom every day of the school year. I encourage parents to make school a priority and create the expectation that students must attend each day. Teachers should praise students for regular attendance and continue to recognize and encourage students’ personal growth. Community members can help, too, by believing in our students and encouraging them to reach their highest potential.”

SCSD Attendance_Every Student Every DayTo learn more about the SCSD attendance initiative and what you can do to help encourage every student to attend school every day, please visit