Senator May’s Co-sponsored “Call Center Jobs Act” Passes the Senate

The New York Call Center Jobs Act (S1826C) will enact penalties for companies that move call center jobs overseas or to other states

Albany, NY – Yesterday, Senator May (SD-53) voted in support of the New York State Call Center Jobs Act (S1826C), of which she is a co-sponsor. This bill disincentivizes companies from relocating call center jobs from New York State to other states or countries. The bill will impact call center employers with 50 or more full-time workers.

Employers, like AT&T and others, would be required to notify the Department of Labor if they intend to relocate at least 30% of call volume in a year. Those companies would lose all grants, loans, tax benefits and state contracts. The bill would also ensure that all state business-related call center work is performed by New York State companies.

“In January, AT&T announced the closure of a call center in Syracuse,” said Senator May. “150 workers, some of whom had worked there for decades, faced the choice: move to Florida to work for lower pay and undefined benefits, or stay and join the ranks of the unemployed. Meanwhile, our community had no choice but to lose 150 good union jobs, along with the income and benefits that supported 150 families and contributed in countless ways to the life and economy of our city. It is imperative that we hold companies receiving taxpayer assistance to their promises and to require them to be good corporate citizens.”