September is Gospel Music Heritage Month

Celebrate the heritage of Gospel music!  Gospel Heritage in the United States was established in June 2008, by dual legislation passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate designated September as Gospel Music Heritage Month.

The mission is to educate and celebrate the art form and rich heritage of all genres of gospel music through word and song.  The Gospel Music Heritage initiative, was conceived by Charles Humbard, CEO of UPtv and entertainment executive Alvin V. Williams, former employee of GMCTV (now called UPtb). They were discussing how to create a day that would recognize the rich heritage of Gospel Music, that could be positioned to the advertisers and create original programming around this day.

Congresswoman Sheilia Jackson Lee (Houston, Texas) took the research paper that was created by Alvin Williams on the rich legacy of Gospel Music and formed it into an actual Resolution that would be presented to the House and Senate as H.Res.900[1] and in the Senate (S.Res.595)[2].

So in 2008, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) and Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) led the passing of a resolution in both chambers declaring September as Gospel Music Heritage Month.  In each year since its establishment, both local and global celebrations have been held to educate and entertain diverse audiences with the rich history and legacy of Gospel.

Let us celebrate this great accomplishment and heritage by presenting activities, programs along with educational information on Gospel.

Be sure to read Dr. Hillsman’s most recent book on “Gospel Music: An African American Art Form” (by Joan Hillsman,  This book contains the History of Gospel Music, and is designed for the general reader and academics.  It contains lesson plans and much more.