Shadia Tadros Makes History as First Arab-American Syracuse City Court Judge

Shadia Tadros, the daughter of Arab immigrants, youngest of 5 siblings, grew up off of South Ave. and attended Danforth elementary, a graduate of Corcoran High School, has just been elected Syracuse City Court Judge.  Just as with Ms. Pitts-Davis , Tadros was not successful in receiving the Democratic Party’s nomination, securing her spot on the ballot by winning in her primary campaign challenge.

In her profile she writes, “As a lawyer, I pride myself on service. I am accessible, honest, and hardworking, which has proven to be a winning combination for clients and community. Pro-bono and low-bono legal services have been the cornerstone of my successful private practice and I have helped countless community members who could not otherwise afford meaningful representation. Many of my former clients and colleagues are my most ardent advocates. I have owned my own firm in downtown Syracuse for over a decade and have presented at countless workshops, protests and forums. A vibrant community is an engaged and knowledgeable community.”

As a City Court Judge, Tadros has stated she will be an advocate for; Alternatives to incarceration/probation, Fairness in sentencing, Bail Reform and Administrative transparency.