SHARP and Urgent Care Applications Open April 3, 2017

For City of Syracuse homeowners who need to make repairs to their home, both the SHARP grant and Urgent Care Loan programs will open on April 3, 2017. Both programs require that homeowners are income-eligible, current on property taxes and water bills and for SHARP, not have received a grant in 2016.

SHARP grants offer up to $1,000 for minor exterior home repairs and can help address code violations such as painting, step replacement and sidewalk repair. The Urgent Care program provides up to $20,000 for emergency repairs like leaking roofs, sewage back up, code violations and other life/safety issues. Based on household income, most of the loan may be permanently deferred (not paid back).

The funding for these programs is made possible though the City of Syracuse and the Community Development Block Grant program. Since 2007, more than $54 million in CDBG funding has been allocated to Syracuse from the U.S. Department of HUD to support emergency home repair for fixed-income seniors and low-income families, and home purchase assistance and housing counseling for first-time home buyers.


Call Celina at (315) 474-1939 x6673 or email
You can also contact Syracuse United Neighbors at (315) 476-7475 or NEHDA at (315) 425-1032.