She’s Never Lost Touch with Syracuse: Mayor Walsh Welcomes Governor Kathy Hochul to Lead New York State

Statement by Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh on New York State Governor Kathy Hochul:

 “Today marks a new beginning for New York State and the City of Syracuse. We awoke with Governor Kathy Hochul as the leader of New York and the first woman to serve as governor of our state. New York State is in good hands.

For the City of Syracuse, it is an especially meaningful day as Governor Hochul, an alumna of Syracuse University, has a deep connection to our community. She’s never lost touch with Syracuse and has consistently shown knowledge and concern for what is happening here.

As we continue to face the challenges of the pandemic, move forward on the next stages of the Interstate 81 viaduct project, and work to create economic opportunity for all of our residents, I am heartened to have this opportunity to work with Governor Hochul.”

Photo: Mayor Walsh with Governor Hochul and Rob Simpson Darin Price June 2020