Statement from Dana Balter on Former GOP Congressman Jim Walsh’s Endorsement of Biden for President

Syracuse, NY – On Monday, Dana Balter, Democratic candidate for Congress in NY-24, released the following statement regarding former GOP Congressman Jim Walsh’s endorsement of Vice President Biden.

“I am glad to see that former Congressman Jim Walsh has endorsed Joe Biden for President. This is the most critical election of our lifetimes, and I believe that the choice between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is clear. President Trump poses a daily threat to our lives, our livelihoods, our national security, our economy, our happiness, and the social fabric of our country.

It is unimaginable to me that any thoughtful, level headed, current or former elected leader who cares about the community they represent and our country as a whole could endorse President Trump for re-election. But that’s exactly what John Katko has done. John Katko looks at where we are now as a country — with over 170,000 lives lost, a tanking economy, and record levels of unemployment  — and wants four more years of President Trump’s failed leadership. John Katko’s support of Donald Trump shows a flagrant disregard for the many people in NY-24 who are struggling because of this administration’s inadequate response to the pandemic. While I am pleased that Congressman Walsh, along with many former GOP representatives, has decided to support Vice President Biden, it’s extremely disappointing that John Katko chooses to stand with Donald Trump.”

Congressman Jim Walsh represented central New York from 1989 to 2009. He joins 26 other former GOP members of Congress who endorsed Biden today.

Dana is a lifelong educator, receiving her first paycheck at the age of twelve for teaching at Sunday school. Early in her career, she was a teacher and director of education at a disability services nonprofit and recently taught at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School. Dana Balter was the 2018 Democratic nominee for Congress in NY-24, where her campaign smashed fundraising records and came closer than any Democrat ever has to defeating John Katko.