Statement from Dana Balter on Representative John Katko’s Silence Regarding President Trump’s Call to Action for White Supremacists

Syracuse, NY – On Wednesday, Dana Balter, Democratic candidate for Congress in NY-24, released the following statement regarding Representative John Katko’s failure to speak out after President Trump refused to denounce white supremacists at last night’s presidential debate.

“The behavior President Trump exhibited at last night’s debate is completely unacceptable, and it denigrates the office of the president. When asked to disavow white supremacists, Trump instead directly encouraged them, telling Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by!”

Rep. John Katko

Unsurprisingly, my opponent, Representative John Katko — who’s working to get Trump re-elected —  has refused to call out these reprehensible comments. Last month, Rep. Katko was asked about his support of the president on The Campbell Conversations. In defending his support of Trump, Rep. Katko said, “It’s a question of where we’re going in this country as a whole, philosophically and politically.”

I agree: This election is about where we’re going in this country. The president of the United States not only refused to denounce white supremacists, he issued them a call to action. Every elected official — regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum — has an obligation to speak out, and John Katko chose not to. Silence is complicity. This tells us everything we need to know about Katko’s unwavering support for Trump and his willingness to enable Trump’s irresponsible and dangerous behavior. ”