Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on the 65th Anniversary of the Brown V. Board of Education Ruling

“Sixty-five years ago today, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously in Brown v. Board of Education that “separate-but-equal” education is inherently unequal. This landmark decision was a cornerstone of the civil rights movement, making clear that racial segregation has no place in public schools.

“Through the work of the brave men and women of the civil rights movement, the nation was changed forever via this hard-fought victory. This necessary work still endures today as all across this nation far too many students still remain trapped in segregated and unequal schools.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Each day we also watch as the Trump administration reneges on its commitment to fully enforce federal civil rights protections for students, such as Title IX of the Educational Amendments and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. While we celebrate this historic day, we cannot lose sight of the work that still remains to be done.

“We are continuing this important work in New York. We included funding to diversify the teacher workforce in the FY 2020 Enacted Budget, we were the first state to adopt President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper model, and we enacted legislation to ensure school funding reaches the schools and students who need it the most. We will continue our efforts to actualize the promise that the Brown v. Board of Education decision made possible and our work to provide the opportunity for an excellent education for all.”