Students Receive their “Box of Books” and Chromebooks at Onondaga Community College

Students receive their Box of Books and Chromebook laptops.

Earlier this year the college announced the creation of “Box of Books” which made Onondaga Community College the first public college in the nation to partner with Barnes & Noble College on a new model which significantly reduces the price of textbooks and technology for students. Students entering or returning to OCC for the fall semester are the first to benefit from the Box of Books program. Students move in to residence halls Friday, August 23. Classes begin Monday, August 26.

Chromebook available for only $250 for OCC students

What is “Box of Books”? OCC students will now pay for textbooks at a rate of $21.50 per credit hour rather than the sticker price. Previously the average cost of a textbook was $81.72. Students will also have the option to purchase a Chromebook laptop for $250. Students who are eligible can apply financial aid to purchase the textbooks and the Chromebook. Students without adequate financial aid can also apply for an OCC scholarship to support these costs.

Last year, less than half of Onondaga Community College’s students were able to afford their textbooks, which at the time cost a full-time student an average of more than $1,200 per year. Box of Books provides students with flat-rate, predictable pricing for textbooks and an affordable Chromebook to level the playing field.

Barnes & Noble operates 1,453 physical and virtual bookstores across the U.S., serving more than 6 million students and faculty. Onondaga Community College is the first public college in the nation they have partnered with in this program.