Sunnking Sponsored Electronics Recycling Event Draw Happy Residents

On Saturday, November 19th 2016 Sunnking Recycling, Assemblyman, Bill Magnarelli, Syracuse Police Department and Destiny USA, hosted an Electronics Recycling Event.

Held at Destiny USA’a Pink Lot, the event went smoothly as vehicle after vehicle pulled up and gladly unloaded unwanted electronics including; computers, televisions, monitors, fax machines, printers, DVD and VCR players, typewriters, cell phones circuit boards and more.

These Recycling Events have been in high demand, since the City of Syracuse and area towns/villages stopped taking electronics as part of their garbage collection.

All discarded electronic equipment and ancillary items now have to be recycled. Events such as these give the public an opportunity to properly recycle their no longer working or wanted electronic equipment. If smiles on participants faces after leaving was any indication, the event was a success with residents who were tired of holding on to electronics no loner in use.