SUNY Syracuse Educational Opportunity Center Class of 2021-51st Annual Recognition Ceremony

Hardship often prepares ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny

June 23rd a bright sunny day, perfect to hold an outdoor event. Due to Covid-19 restrictions SUNY-Syracuse Educational Opportunity Center presented their Class of 2021 in the facilities parking lot.  This marks the 51st Annual Recognition Ceremony for EOC providing educational opportunities for those who may have left school before graduation, returning to work after a prolonged absence, or training for a new career.  Having to deal with remote learning , a disruption in their training schedule and still these graduates persevered and succeeded during an extraordinary time in our history.

The number of students that have completed programs at EOC are about 450 with 40 deciding to participate in this drive-through graduation. There are hundreds of others that rely on EOC for assistance however, they aren’t in a designated program.

According to Tim C. Penix, Vice President, Educational Opportunity Center, “Covid put us through a lot of things this year. And we’ve had to adjust on the fly, the faculty and the staff, and most importantly the students. All adjusted towards working toward their goals, even now as we come out of Covid we determined, we had to have a celebration for those who are completing. So, we decided to put some balloons in the parking lot and as you see, the students are coming, they want to be recognized. As we continue and as we look at what we plan on doing in the future, it’s all about our students and the community that we serve.”

In an open statement to their graduates EOC says, “This has been a year of hardship for our community. Nevertheless, you did not allow the challenges of this year or the words virtual, online, or quarantine prevent you from the wonderful achievement you are celebrating today. While the world said, “shut down,” you refused to stop. Even in the “before times,” juggling adult responsibilities with returning to school is a huge undertaking. You showed up in new, demanding ways. You showed up to Zoom and Microsoft TEAMS meetings with smiles on your faces, children in your laps, or workspaces in the background. We saw so many of you work in front line jobs such as senior facilities and grocery stores, putting your own lives at risk to keep our community safe and nourished.

Remember, as you walk or drive away from this unique ceremony, that you have already done something extraordinary. Your refusal to allow the darkness and sorrow of this time to prevent you from seeking the light and hope of your future has inspired all of us at the Syracuse EOC. Thank you! All our graduating classes are special, but you, the Class of 2021, will be remembered for your perseverance and success in unprecedented times.”

EOC has a variety of programs designed to fit the needs of their students and a commitment to provide training, culminating in several career options.

Academic Division-College Preparation, English for Speakers of other Languages, High School Equivalency; Vocational DivisionCareer Readiness Training

  • Medical Secretary Prepare for an entry-level secretarial position in the fast-growing healthcare industry. Evening classes available.Train to Become NYS Certified Nurse Aide CNA Certification (10 weeks) & CNA Recertification (3 weeks) TUITION FREE.
  • Medical Billing & Coding Learn the most current billing and coding skills to enter one of today’s most promising fields.
  • High School Equivalency Five subjects. One exam. We prepare you for the TASC Exam so that you can begin the next chapter of your life. Day and evening classes available.
  • College Preparation Writing, Reading, Algebra, Chemistry, Biology, and more. Everything to prepare you for the next level. Day and evening classes available.
As you go forward …

Remember, learning never stops; it’s a life-long endeavor. Please keep the Syracuse EOC in mind as you pursue your future vocational and educational goals.

Founded over 50 years ago, the mission of the EOC system is to provide communities with innovative academic programs leading to higher education and vocational training programs leading to gainful employment and economic self-sufficiency. We are constantly working to serve this mission, so please check in with us to learn about new opportunities and programs.

Syracuse Educational Opportunity Center Drive-Through Graduation 2012 Photo Gallery 

Academic Division
2020-2021 Candidates for Program Completion
College Preparation

Ruba Atiyeh
Jerome Beasley
Zehra Canli
Katia Dean
Amal El Khal
Cherisse Green
Rolando Martinez Rubio
Mu Play
Nazanin Quraishi
Mei Ling Wang

English for Speakers of other Languages

Aguila Alisvech
Rania Asfour
Rosa Gomez Negrin
Feriba Hakimi
Usha Kumari
Ivone Mpawenimana
Maria Munoz
Nazanin Quraishi
Sonia Rani
Alexander Rueben Espinosa
Reyhan Sahin

High School Equivalency

Alyssa Almonte
Mamie Baxter
Debbie Bloodworth
Scott Bragger
Jermaine Bynum
Dana Chavis
Kerry Correa
Zackery Crawford
Amal El Khal
Michael Failoni
Timothy Green
Hakiz Innocent
Ecorya Lewis
Adarlornar Matos
Gloria McCubbin
Regina McMillan
Karen Myers
Nada Osman
Julianna Pinkston
Monita Rai
Jennifer Rodriguez
Martha Royal
Elizabeth Walker
Mei Ling Wang
Barbara Wiggins
Tae’Shawn Wilson
Jacentra Walls

Vocational Division
2020-2021 Candidates for Program Completion
Career Readiness Training

The following students have successfully completed the Career Readiness Program by completing one of the following courses: Construction Trades, HealthTrain, OSHA, ProTrain, Security Guard, and Customer Service Ready.

Angela Adams
John Adams
Yathrib Ahmed
Davonte Alexis
Shalecka Allen
Ghaith Alqutbi
Joseph Aviles
Rok Ayol
Jennie Bailey Martin
Batrice Barnes
Devika Basnet
Hari Basnet
Nakir Bates
James Beato
Tiffani Berry
Schym Bey
Shannia Billue
Garrett Boland
Rickeem Boyd
Tahjamere Bradford
Celia Brooks
Nachez Brown
Sophia Brown
Laron Brown
Fantasia Butler
Kerry Butler
Charlotte Cain
April Cary
Arjun Clarry
Jennifer Copp
Cassandra Courteaux
Delvon Cox
Dylan Crosley
Amanda Cruty
LaDeena Curry
Calvin Davis
Janayjah Derby
Domanic Dickson
Nykis Edwards
Shannon Escho
Barbara Ferrera
Lamont Fleming
Joshua Franklin
Gerald Funderburg
Mirelsa Galdon
Lady Justice Gissendanner
Averiana Goff
Audrey Grant-Washington
Ligia Grimes
Brianna Hall
Lynntesa Hanks
Julia Harris
Maurice Harris Sr.
Jeremy Hatch
Tazir Hawkins
Sabrina Hayes
Tyrice Henry
Brittney Hickey
Shakena Hines
Tiaisha Hinton
LaRae Howard
Bianca Hunter
Destiny Jackson
Samuel Jackson
Ricky Jackson
Dasanie Johnson
Denita Jones
Eunice Jones
Duriel Jones
Ricky Jones, Jr.
Shanara Jordan
Tiesha Judge
Anita Katuwal
Nicole Kenny
Terrell Kirby
Kristen Kolka
Nicole Ladd
Angela Lascio
Michael LeClair, Sr.
Mecca Little
Martine Loua
Franciscas Martin
Rolando Martinez Rubio
Reynaldo Matthews
Bonita Mayfield
Kiasha McCormick
MsChalamdria McKenzie
Alphonso McKenzie
Keiessence McLaurin
Tameka McMillan
Naeshi Mitchell
Sheena Moore
Arriana Morris
Andrea Nazario Rodriguez
Deep Nepal
JoVaughn Ogletree
Stacy Olivier
Dante Patterson
Karisian Patterson
Ismail Pierce
Dynasty Porch
Tara Powdyal
Rogers Preston
Rashid Rahmo
Michael Reed
Ke’Asia Rice
[ojuan Riddick
Luis Rivas Ortiz
Eduardo Rivera
Willie Robinson
Taisha Robles
Sephon Rodriguez
Nakeharys Rodriguez Cirino
Danita Roman
Kelly Ross
Cion Rouse
Aruna Samal
Keily Santiago
Miekhi Scott
Shaquielle Scott
Jerry Searight
Andre Shellman
Rehgan Sheparson-Machold
Ontreal Simmons
Chenae Sinclair
Brenton Spears
William Spinks
Kalief Spruiel
Marquis Stanley
Tamar Steenhuis
Kayla Stokes
Takara Sullivan


State University of New York Syracuse Educational Opportunity Center

Dr. Jim Malatras, Chancellor
State University of New York

Lisa L. McKay, Associate Provost and Director
University Center for Academic and Workforce Development
State University of New York

Dr. David E. Rogers, President
Morrisville State College

Tim C. Penix, Vice President
Educational Opportunity Center

Elizabeth A. Allen, Senior Staff Associate for Academic Affairs
Educational Opportunity Center

J. Carlos Cervantes, Senior Staff Associate for Student Services
Educational Opportunity Center

Marlena Daher-Rahman, Senior Staff Associate for
Community Engagement Educational Opportunity Center

Cynthia Doss, Senior Staff Associate for
Information and Learning Technology
Educational Opportunity Center

Carol Hill, Senior Staff Associate of Workforce Development
Educational Opportunity Center

LaVena Jones, Senior Staff Associate for Business Affairs (interim)
Educational Opportunity Center

To learn more about your interests and eligibility, please provide some information at the weblink below and one EOC’s student advisors will contact you.