Support for Community Grid Advocacy Cards to be Dropped at Doorstep of Elected Representatives

Grid supporters will go from City Hall steps to State Office Building at 1 p.m.

Syracuse, N.Y. (April 15, 2019) – Organizers of the “Community for the Grid” campaign will be delivering more than 11 thousand advocacy cards to elected representatives and NYSDOT, after collecting over 2,300 signatures from supporters of the Community Grid option. They will have a press event Monday, April 15 at 1 p.m. on the steps of City Hall.  The volunteer group received petition responses from people in Syracuse and many towns and villages across Central New York.

“The petitions show there is a lot more common ground on the Interstate 81 issue than people think,” said Joe Driscoll, fifth district Syracuse Common Councilor, and one of the organizers of the Community for the Grid campaign. “We have received responses from people from all over the region who understand that the Community Grid alternative is not only the right choice for the city of Syracuse but the best option for the whole region.”

Community for the Grid collected the petition responses at public events and online since the group formed in September 2018. The petition focuses on five benefits of the Community Grid alternative:

  • Environmentally healthy option, reducing emissions and requiring no water or air pumps
  • Fiscally responsible opinions, saving hundreds of millions/billons in construction cost
  • Strongest economic growth option, creating a unique opportunity for inclusive development
  • Opportunity to reduce high levels of racial and economic segregation by unifying disconnected neighborhoods
  • Improve the walkability and beauty of our urban core, designing for the future not just for the past

“There has been a lot of misinformation spread by opponents of the Community for the Grid, and we’ve been working to overcome that,” Driscoll said.  “What we want now is for the DOT to release the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, so that everyone in the community can get the facts on this important project.”

Community for the Grid organizers were joined in delivering the petitions by multiple representatives of groups supporting the Community Grid alternative. Copies of the petitions were delivered to the Governor, Congressional representatives, and members of the local New York State Senate and Assembly delegation.

More information on the Community for the Grid campaign is at