Suspect Apprehended, Second Sought in Two Byrne Dairy Convenience Store Robberies

On Wednesday Oct. 27th Detectives assigned to the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division arrested a 17-year-old male yesterday evening in connection with the robbery of the Byrne Dairy on Old Liverpool Road. At the time of the arrest, the male was in possession of a handgun.

Detectives also recovered another handgun and long gun that was discovered inside a stolen car that the 17-year-old and his accomplice were using to rob all the Byrne Dairy‘s on November 2nd. In addition to that, the 17-year-old was also charged with a separate robbery and possession of a weapon from an incident that occurred two weeks ago when he carjacked an employee in front of the Colonial Laundry in Nedrow.

The 17-year-old is currently being held at Hillbrook Detention Center and is expected to be arraigned later this morning. Syracuse Police will also be charging him with the robbery to the Byrne Dairy on West Fayette Street. Madison County Sheriff’s will be charging the male on a separate date in Madison County.

It should be known…..that this 17-year-old is being charged in four new robbery cases, for possessing three illegal guns…, and he has a several felony robbery charges pending, but because he is 17, he can’t be kept in jail.

Detectives continue to investigate the incident and are actively looking for the second suspect.