Syracuse City School District News…

The Syracuse City School District has an assortment of resources available on their website click, Here  the website is chock full of information, programs, services, curriculum, detailed for each school and program. In addition residents may have received the glossy publication, “News from the Schools” sent to many Syracuse homes providing information from the district and its various components.

Superintendent’s Student Cabinet

The Superintendent’s Student Cabinet is made up of students from each of the five SCSD high schools. They meet with the Superintendent during the course of the year to discuss and learn about initiatives and programs in the district. The students provide the Superintendent with valuable feedback and input concerning district wide and school-related opportunities and challenges. They also help to advise the Superintendent and act as ambassadors for their schools by sharing what they learn with their fellow students.

Superintendent’s Teacher Advisory Council

The Superintendent’s Teacher Advisory Council (STAC) creates a critical bridge between Central Office and SCSD teachers. This group of educators works directly with Superintendent Contreras in monthly meetings to serve as advisors, provide input to make key decisions, share challenges and successes experienced with the implementation of initiatives and programs, learn about district initiatives first-hand and more. On average, 2-3 teachers from each school are represented in STAC. By building a strong, productive partnership between SCSD’s educators and the Superintendent, the district is able to create the best in class programs, tools and services and significantly impact the success of their students.