Syracuse City School District Partners with New York University to Prepare Next Generation of Teachers

The Syracuse City School District is pleased to partner with New York University’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development to collaboratively prepare new teachers through an innovative teacher education program.

Now in its second year, NYU Steinhardt’s Embedded Master of Arts in Teaching (EMAT) teacher residency program enables students to earn graduate degrees by combining technology-enhanced coursework with full-time residency experiences in urban schools. Because coursework and mentoring with NYU faculty take place online, students will be immersed in classrooms in Syracuse city schools without having to physically be on a university campus.

On-site learning communities that cultivate the next generation of teachers

“We are excited to be working with schools across the country to create new on-site learning communities that cultivate the next generation of teachers,” said Dominic Brewer, the Gale and Ira Drukier Dean of NYU Steinhardt. “Research shows that immersive experiences in schools are critical for preparing strong teachers. Our model marries practice with theory – working hand-in-hand with seasoned classroom teachers in schools and delivering an intensive online curriculum – in order to give future teachers the foundational experience they need.”

Approximately 14 NYU Steinhardt students will be embedded in SCSD classrooms during the 2017-18 school year.  The program has the potential to create a pipeline of highly qualified teachers for the Syracuse City School District.

Jaime Alicea, SCSD, Superintendent of schools

“We look forward to this great opportunity to partner with NYU to bring the next generation of teachers into our classrooms,” SCSD Superintendent Alicea said. “Teaching in an urban environment presents a unique set of challenges, and the EMAT program will benefit both our teachers and our students. The program will ensure that teachers are adequately prepared to enter the classroom as full-time teachers who know firsthand about urban students’ educational needs. We hope the program also helps teachers develop a passion for urban education and an interest in continuing their teaching careers in the Syracuse City School District.”

The 12-month graduate program blends online learning – a series of intensive academic modules designed to prepare secondary English, math, social studies, and science teachers – with structured and full-time residency experiences. Using a platform developed by technology start-up HotChalk, students complete their coursework under NYU faculty guidance in tandem with observed classroom instruction and one-on-one student contact in order to hone their teaching skills.

Throughout the program, students are supported by both NYU faculty and experienced classroom teachers in their local schools. As students learn the essential skills and competencies for teaching, they gradually gain confidence and responsibilities in the classroom.